The Magic Mirror in the Disney Classic

"Snow White is a thousand times fairer than Thee." 

- The Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror is an all-knowing entity in the fairy tale of Snow White in the form of a mirror. The mirror is in most versions an emotionless, featureless mirror which sees and knows everything. It is owned by Snow White's evil stepmother, The Queen, which asks it: "Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fiarest of them all?". 

Role in the Fairy TaleEdit

The mirror is a magical object that has all wisdom. The mirror has all knowledge and is owned by the second Queen who uses it for her own vainity. Every day she ask it obsesivly: "Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?" And every time the mirror answers she is the fairest. However, one day the mirror reveals that Snow White has surpassed her in beauty. The mirror knows where Snow White is and reveals to the Queen three times that Snow White is alive. At the end of the fairy tale the Queen breaks the mirror out of anger. 

Other versions and analysis Edit

In most versions the Mirror is only a deep voice with no emotion or soul. In the Disney film it was a theather mask in the mirror. In some versions, the mirror does have emotion and rebels against the Queen. In the 1997 adaptation "Snow White: A Tale of Terror" the mirror manipulates the Queen into cruel acts. 

The mirror symbolises the proces of aging and vanity in the story. It is as well stands for the wicked obsession of a woman's fear of age. A mirror is an object that cannot lie. It shows. The other thing it symbolises is that the most important factor of beauty is on the inside. 

The voice of the magic mirror over the years have been Mironi Olsen and veteran actor Vincent Price in the 1984 Faerie Tale Theatre adaptation and in 2012 Christopher Mobi among others. 

Notable portrayals: Edit

German mirror

The Magic Mirror as depicted in "Schneewittchen" (1955).

Snow white mirror

The Magic Mirror in "Snow White and the Huntsman" (2012)