Snow White and the Seven Animals (1994)

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Snow White and the Seven Animals is a Home Video released in 1994

File:Disney's Snow white and the seven Animals (VHS) (1994).jpg


  • Shephanie Sheh - Princess Snow White
  • Robbie Daymond - The Prince
  • Cindy Robinson - the Evil Queen/Old Hag
  • Mike Pollock - The Magic Mirror
  • Jim Cummings - The Huntsman
  • Roger Craig Smith - Dumbo
  • Travis Willingham - Simba
  • Kyle Hebert - Jim Crow
  • Kirk Thornton - Zazu
  • Keith Silverstein - Timon
  • Troy Baker - Pumbaa
  • Colleen O'Shaughnessey - Timothy Mouse


File:Snow White's dress gets caughted by branches of trees.png
File:Dumbo in "Dumbo (1941)".png
File:Adult Simba in "The Lion King (1994)".png

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