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Snow White and the Dwarves by Franz Juttner (1905)

"Once Upon A Time"

- How every Fairy Tale begins

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs originally known as "Schneewittchen" is a German Fairy Tale by the well known storytellers Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm . It was first seen in their bundle: "Kinder Und Hausmarchen" published in 1812. It's one of the most well-known fairy tales, and feauteres elements as: The Magic Mirror , The Poison Apple and the Class Coffin.

The Tale Edit

Once Upon A Time, in mid-winter while the snow fell a lovely Queen sat behind the ebony window of her castle sewing. The Queen wished to have a child. And while she sewed, she pricked herself in her finger with a the needle. Three drops of blood fell into the snow white linen on the ebony of the window. When she saw this sight, she made a wish, she wished for a daughter with a skin as white as snow, hair as black as ebony and lips as red as blood. A year later, the Queen's wish was realized and a beautiful child with a skin as white as snow, hair as black as ebony, and lips as red as blood was born. The Queen named her beautiful daughter Snow White, but Snow White's mother died shortly after Snow White was born and when Snow White was still a baby girl, The King decided that although he really loved his wife, he felt his lovely daughter needed a mother. He remarried, and Snow White's stepmother, was stunningly beautiful, but The Queen was filled with pride and she was cruel and ruthless.

The Queen was very vain. The Queen was so vain, that she didn't want to another woman in the land, be more beautiful than herself. In a hidden room in the castle, The Queen had a wonderfully decorated magical mirror. And each day, the vain Queen stood before the mirror and asked: "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" and then a deep voice from the glass answered: "My Queen Thee Are The Fairest Of Them All." And the Queen was very pleased. So, the years past. It became many years winter, and many years summer. Princess Snow White grew up, and was loved by everyone. She became a very beautiful girl. The lovely girl's beauty charmed everyone but worried the wicked Queen. One dark day, when Snow White had reached the age of a young woman, the wicked Queen secretly went to the hidden chamber. The Queen asked the Mirror: "Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Fairest Of Them All?" And the voice from the Magic Mirror replied: "My Queen, You are very fair, But The Time Has Come. The girl With Hair as Black As ebony, skin white as snow, and lips red as blood, Princess Snow White, is a thousand times fairer than thee."

782px-Franz Jüttner Schneewittchen 1

The Queen before her mirror

These were the words the Queen had feared to hear for many years. Infuriating, the Queen called for the Royal Huntsman. And when the faithful Huntsman sat knelt before the Queen's throne, she gave him her coldly orders. She was so jealous of the sweet girl that she couldn't live. The Queen spoke, "Huntsman, I have a task for you. You will tomorrow take dear Princess Snow White to the forest outside the castle, bring her to a secluded glee were dark trees grow. And there you will take her life." The Huntsman was devastated for the Queen's cruel plan to kill Snow White. But he did not dare to disobey. "And, you shall take your blade and cut her heart out. You will bring her heart to me as prove that you succeeded." The Huntsman's tears fell on the ground and left. So, the next morning the Huntsman asked Snow White, if she cared to join him on a walk throw the forest outside the castle. The Princess was glad to hear this and gladly went along.

The loving Princess went to the forest. The Huntsman didn't want to kill her. When they had walked throw the forest for a few hours, they held halt on a secluded glee of wild flowers were the trees closed them in. The lovely Snow White, sat on the ground while she picked flowers. And while the Princess did this, the Huntsman took his blade and walked to her. He raised the knife to stab, but Snow White turned around, and when teh Huntsman saw the terror in the sweet girl's beautiful eyes he couldn't get himself to do it. He dropped the knife and fell to his knees, he grabbed Snow White's dress and begged her: "Forgive me Princess, please forgive me. I can't." The Huntsman tells the confused Snow White: "The Queen is jealous of you, she wishes you dead, go and never return!".

780px-Franz Jüttner Schneewittchen 2

Snow White flees into the forest

Snow White panicked in fear, and ran into the forest. It became night. Snow White became so scared, she had the feeling the trees of the forest reached out to her and wished to grab her. Poor Snow White fell on the ground and cried. When she opened her eyes again, she was confronted by a deer with pretty eyes. The deer pulled at her dress to empty that she would follow him. Snow White trusted the animal, and followed the deer throw the forest. Now Snow White came to a sunny place of the forest. It was very pretty. It was a wonderfully small cottage made of wood. Snow White and the animals moved towards the home, and she learned the door was not locked. She entered and instantly was charmed by the small nature of the home. She sat down at a table with seven small plates and seven small goblets, she ate and drank.

Sudden sleepiness overcame her. She went upstairs and fell over seven beds and went to sleep. Not much later, the inhabitants of the cottage seven old Dwarfs who had worked in a diamond mine all day. Snow White awakened and was shocked to learn, not children but little men lived there. "Who are you?" the oldest of them asked. Snow White told them that she was the princess in jeopardy attempting to escape from the spiteful Queen.

776px-Franz Jüttner Schneewittchen 3

The dwarves find Snow White

The Dwarfs are at first reluctant to let her stay. She begs them for shelter and they at last accept. For a long time, Snow White stays with the dwarfs and is happy. She makes music with them, cleans the home and tells them stories. However, the dread is not gone as at the Castle, the Queen had consulted her Mirror and find that the Huntsman had let Snow White go and she now lives with the Dwarfs. The Queen blinded by insane rage goes herself to kill Snow White. She disguises herself as a sale woman. She comes to the cottage and attempts to sell a satin cord to Snow White. She naively opens the door and the sale woman strangles her with the cord. When the Dwarfs return home, they find Snow White dead. The youngest Dwarf cuts the cord and Snow White's breath returns.
775px-Franz Jüttner Schneewittchen 4

The disguised Queen visits Snow White

The oldest Dwarf makes her promise she'll never open the door for strangers. The Queen hears from the mirror that Snow White still lives. Disguised as another sale woman. She lures her outside with a poison apple. When the appleis placed in the girl's hair, she collapses and  the Queen leaves. The dwarfs return and take the apple out of her hair. She awakens and has to ensure the dwarfs to never again open the door to strangers. At the Castle, the Queen again hears she has failed. This time, she poisons one sight of an apple and disguises as an old peddler. She goes to the Dwarfs cottage and finally manages to win Snow White's trust. The old peddler bites one side of the apple, which is not poisoned and Snow White takes the red half which is poisonous. Finally she dies. The Queen is now victorious and returns to the castle where the Mirror speaks: "Thee are the fairest of them all my Queen." The Dwarfs return home and try to revive her. All attempts fail.

776px-Franz Jüttner Schneewittchen 6

Snow White is poisoned by the apple.

Snow White is dead and the seven dwarfs are filled with sorrow. They built a coffin of glass were she is put on display in the forest. A year passes and as a new fall comes the dwarfs are still mourning by her side. A young Prince from a far away kingdom comes by. He is looking for a bride. When he lays eyes on the beautiful Snow White he instantly falls in love with her. The dwarfs tell him she is dead. The Prince asks one favor: "If I may kiss her." The Dwarfs take the glass from the coffin and allow the Prince to bend over and kiss her red lips. However, he bounces the coffin which causes the poisonous piece of the apple from her throat. She awakens and falls in love with the Prince.

773px-Franz Jüttner Schneewittchen 8

The Queen visits the wedding

At the Castle, the Queen gets an invitation to attend the wedding of the Prince and his new bride. When she enters the reception she sees that Snow White is the bride.  She suffers a nervous breakdown and breaks the Magic Mirror. She then is forced to dance on iron shoes until she drops dead. Snow White and The Prince, live happily ever after.

Origin Edit

"Sneewittchen" first appeared in "Kinder Und Hausmarchen" published in 1812 by the Brother's Grimm. It was inspired by several legends, some dating back to Ancient Rome. The story went throw many changes over the many years of it's exsictance. Hundreds of versions exist and all have been slightly altered. There is no definitive way of telling the story. The story deals with many themes, primarilly: youth, mortality, delusion and love. In the original version, the jealous Queen was infect Snow White's biological mother. Instead of her heart, the huntsman is to bring back her kitny and lever. In even older versions (before it was written down) the Queen had no mirror, but looked into a well with talking fishes. 

It soon became one of, if not the most popular and longest surviving fairy tale. Some say it was based on real life events. 

"Sneewittchen" was most famously adapted in 1937 by Walt Disney in: "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs


"Snow White" served as an inspiration for many novels, stories and legends. It was adapted several times: 


  • "Snow White " (1906) - which is believed to be lost. 
  • "Snow White " (1916) - with Marguerite Clark as Snow White and Dorothy Cummings as Queen Brangomar. 
  • "Betty Boop is Snow White " (1933) - with Mae Questel as Snow White/Betty Boop and The Queen. 
  • "Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs " (1937) - with Adriana Caselotti as Snow White and Lucille La Verne as The Evil Queen. 
  • "Schneewittchen " (1955) with Elke Arendt as Snow White and Adele Adamitz as The Queen. 
  • "Pamuk Prenses Ve Yedi Cüceler " (1970) with Zynep Degirmencioglu as Snow White and Suna Selen as The Queen
  • "Schneewittchen Und Die Zeben Bergen" (1973) - a pornographic spoof. 
  • "Neberte nám princeznú" (1981) - with Marika Gombitova as Katka (Snow White) and Marie Rottrova as Mother (The Queen) 
  • "A Snow White Christmas" (1981) - with Diane Pershing as Snow White and Melendy Britt as The Queen. 
  • "Faerie Tale Theatre" (1984) with Elizabeth McGovern as Snow White and Vanessa Redgrave as The Evil Queen.
  • "Cannon Movie Tales's Snow White" (1987) - with Sarah Patterson and Nicola Stapleton both as Snow White and Diana Rigg as The Evil Queen. 
  • "Snow White" (1995) - with voices of Tony Ail and Ellen Kennedy. 
  • "Snow White: A Tale of Terror" (1997) - with Monica Keena and Taryn Davis both as Lilliana Hoffman (Snow White) and Sigourney Weaver as Lady Claudia Hoffman (The Evil Queen). 
  • "Snow White: The Fairest of Them All" (2001) - with Kristin Kreuk as Snow White and Miranda Richardson as the Evil Queen Elspeth. 
  • "Grimm's Snow White" (2012) - a rip-off film by Asylum. 
  • "Mirror Mirror" (2012) - with Lily Collins as Snow White and Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen Clemantianna. 
  • "Snow White & The Huntsman" (2012) - with Kristen Stewart as Snow White and Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen Ravenna. 
  • "Blancanieves" (2012) - with Maribel Verdu and Daniel Gimenez. 

Television Edit

  • "The Legend of Snow White" (1994)  - a Japanese Anime series.
  • "Once Upon A Time" (2011-present) - with Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White and Lana Parrilla as Queen Regina.

Stage Edit

  • "Snow White" (1912) - a play that dissapeared long ago. 
  • "Snow White: The Stage Adaptation" (1987-1988) - a 1987 Disneyland musical based on the 1937 film. 
  • "Snow White: An Entchanting Musical" (2003-2004) - a 2003 Disneyland musical as well based on the 1937 film. 
  • "Sneeuwwitje: De Romantische Familiemusical" (1998, 2005) - a Belgium/Dutch musical with Anne Mie Gils as The Queen and Sascha Rosen as Snow White. 

Novels Edit

  • "Snow, Glass, Apples" (1994) - by Neil Gainman. 
  • "Fairest of Them All: A Tale of The Wicked Queen" (2008) - by Serena Valentino.